I Ching Consultations:

I consult by phone, by e-mail, and in person. I help you frame your questions clearly for the Sage, and then help you discern with clarity the response coming through the I Ching. I provide a summary of the consultation afterward so if you want to refer back you’ll have notes on the communication.

Flower Essence Consultations:

A flower essence consultation consists of a 30-minute communication where we discuss the issues you want help with.  I then prepare a personalized flower essence blend for you. Follow-up consultations are usually scheduled within the next 2-4 weeks to assess shifts in your condition, and to see if additional remedies are required.

The flower remedies are made with either brandy or vinegar, spring water and the flower essences selected for you, your family members, or your pets.  I ship the essence blend by USPS regular mail and this shipping is included in the cost. Any additional overnight, priority, or international postage is extra.

My contact information is:

Phone: 202-288-7566 (EST)


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