I Ching


The I Ching is a vehicle from which we can receive guidance and clarification about our life. For example, we can ask about the nature of a conflict, the root cause of an illness, or the best approach for healing; or we could ask for guidance regarding business decisions. The goal of consulting the I Ching is to achieve harmony and clarity in our lives. The I Ching points out where and how help to achieve harmony is available, and equally as important, it can help us see how our egos and the ego in another can obstruct our path and our well-being. I offer I Ching consultations to people who are looking to clarify and free blocked or obstructed energy in their lives and who are interested in learning to understand how to live a more harmonious life, aligning with nature and its many visible and invisible Helpers.


I have studied the I Ching since 2001, both through the I Ching Institute in Stow, Mass., and through my own steady and conscientious investigation of events in my own life and the lives of clients over the years. I work with several texts but the two main ones I use are I Ching: The Oracle of the Cosmic Way by Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog, and I Ching: The Story of Mind, 2nd edition, by Julie Henderson


I specifically use a method called the RTCM, or the three penny method of clarifying communications from the Sage and/or Helpers. Like kinesiology, this is a simple process of receiving yes / no answers. The challenge in using this method is in identifying and discerning when our ego is interfering with or filtering the communication. This method requires a level of inner work and attentiveness to Self and the gaps that arise under different stresses in a life.


The I Ching brought me to understand and meet the Cosmic Helpers; this experience dovetailed sweetly with encountering Nature Helpers while working with the flower essences. In essence, there is a vast realm of knowledge of cosmic harmony that we can call on for help. Equally as important is the realization that the Helpers are eager to offer us their help when we can ask appropriately and respond with integrity.



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