Flower Essences


Flower essences are a safe and gentle form of vibrational medicine which work primarily by healing issues of the psyche and soul. As those issues or imbalances are healed, our bodies stabilize and begin to heal. Sometimes shifts can occur rather quickly, and symptoms disappear. At other times a longer “peeling back the layers” approach is required, after which the body comes along. As Dr. Bach said, the root of most illness is a lack of harmony between the soul and the personality. In my experience this is often the case.

Over the years, I have learned of and experienced personally the deep and transformative healing energies of the flower essences. And I have come to understand the direct contribution of and link to the invisible Helpers of Nature and of the cosmos involved in this realm of subtle energy healing.

Flower essences are safe for all people (including pregnant women and infants), pets, and plants. They do not interfere with other medications or remedies. Flower essences are very user friendly, and there are simple ways to use them. They can be taken orally, topically, or by spray.

Some of the many things flower essences can help with include allergies and immune support, attention and focus issues, addiction, pain and injury, sexuality, speech and communication issues, clarity and perception, shyness, energy imbalances, mood issues, fear, anxiety, ambivalence, confused sense of self, decision making, life-path issues, grief and loss, learning, self-awareness, inner alignment, self-esteem, self confidence, and much more.

I have been working professionally with flower essences and vibrational remedies with people, pets and gardens since 1985. In addition to being a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner (BFRP), I have also attended professional trainings with Desert Alchemy and Perelandra.

Other flower essence companies I work with include Australian Bush, Alaskan Flower Essences & Gem Elixirs, Greenhope Farms,  Master’s, Columbia Gorge Essences, FES, and Anaflora Essences for Animals.

I prepare personal  blends for clients, and I offer workshops and individual training in selecting and using the essences.





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