Animal Healing


I have lived with and loved animals all of my life. I cannot express the depth of love and connection I have had the opportunity to both give and receive from the cats, dogs, and horses in my own life. Often when I encountered health issues or behavioral/relational issues with the animals, I have turned to flower essences and homeopathic remedies with a large degree of success. Of course, some situations called for traditional veterinary care, and I was grateful for that help as well. Essences were especially helpful when I could address something early on. There were often fairly simple and very safe ways of resolving my animals’ health issues. I have found this to be true with people’s health issues as well. It is important however to seek conventional medical help when that is appropriate.

The flower essences can address a wide range of physical, behavioral, and emotional concerns in animals. I have worked with cats, dogs, horses, birds, and reptiles since 1985. I prepare flower essence blends for a variety of conditions and will recommend homeopathic treatments as needed.  

The essences have been particularly helpful with training difficulties, grief and loss, transitions (from shelters to new families), post-vaccination immune support, weaning, digestive problems, life and death transitions, family dynamics, aggression, jealousy, fearfulness and shyness, loneliness, anxiety, phobias, fleas, immune support, skin conditions, support for aging, travel, vet visit, and stress in general.

The flower essences are gentle, safe and simple to administer. They can be added to your pet’s water bowls and food, and a few drops can be massaged to their favorite place to be stroked and touched. They are usually administered over a course of several weeks to several months, depending on the condition.

For more or information, or to see if flower essences may be appropriate
for the animals in your life, feel free to contact me. Sometimes I incorporate animal communication into the animal healing work that I do, if the animal is open to communicating and sharing their sense of things with me.



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