About Kyra

My life has unfolded with a series of interesting, fun and often financially successful businesses. My somewhat serendipitous career as an entrepreneur and retailer taught me some interesting things about myself, about subtle energy, intuition, and what I like to call the invisible realm of Devas, Nature Spirits, and Cosmic Helpers. These helpers made themselves known to me through plants, (especially flower essences), animals, and what for me was an unexpected process of relating to the I Ching.

I have discovered a way of receiving wisdom from sources in Nature who inherently know how harmony works, and who are happy to communicate and share this knowledge with us. I call this way of working in partnership with Nature and Cosmic Help ‘co-creating’. And it is from this engaged partnership that I derived help starting and running my businesses, buying and selling property, solving relationship conundrums, creating healing flower essences, and more.

Currently I work with clients, both people and animals, creating flower essence blends and offering I Ching consultations. Both approaches can provide healing and insight and help one move to a place of greater internal and external coherence. I also offer workshops and apprenticeships for people wanting to  develop a co-creative relationship with the Cosmic Helpers.

I live in Maryland with my husband John, whose support and belief in my unconventional and esoteric ways have truly helped all of this unfold and mature. We share our home with Little Black Dot Cafe, our 11-year-old cat, and Pucci, our lively Tibetan terrier puppy.

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