Communicating with an Oracle

I thought today I would ask the Sage what theme I should write about. I first checked (with the rtcm*) if an I Ching hexagram would be appropriate to give me a sense of the topic, and I got a no. Then I checked a new oracle deck (The Oracle of Rama) I’d purchased just last weekend at Barnes and Noble in Bethesda, and got a definite Yes! I’d not used this particular deck, and each deck has its own logic to the process of asking questions and receiving guidance. After making a few incorrect assumptions about the logic, I read the instructions and followed the process.

The content I received was not immediately understandable to me. My question was “what would be a good topic to write about today?” I received the ‘Exile’ card, about fortune hidden within misfortune and then “Calm within the Storm’ – Stay the course, guests are coming to serve.”

I was confused. This lack of clarity pointed to the fact my attention was not stabilized in a receptive state. This is true- I was asking for help in selecting a blog theme for today and my attention at some point split. I “reacted” to the words exile and misfortune. The discomfort was like an anxiety. Anxiety, being fear based can block or distort cosmic communication.

The purity of my asking for help got rattled.

Upon recognizing this, it occurred to me to ask the Sage if the theme I was being shown was that an uncluttered, receptive mind is essential to communications of this kind, and that this inner aspect of relating with an oracle remains unchanged, or as we say, is standard operating procedure?

The outer elements of contacting cosmic wisdom are variable- throwing coins to establish a hexagram, pulling rune stones, casting a chart, or drawing of the many oracle cards used in divination (tarot, animal cards, flower decks, etc). Each of these have their own inner logic which is to be honored and practiced with respect and patience. What remains the same is the inner tone we bring to the inquiry, and how stabilized we are within that inner space throughout the process.

When I asked the Sage was this the communication I was to write about- the quality of inner attention regarding oracle work- I got another strong Yes!

In reviewing the reading I received, I can see that despite my own lack of clarity, eventually an understanding emerged. Fortune within misfortune- learning about my confused/agitated inner state and how that muffled the clarity of the communication from the cosmos. The second card: ‘Stay the Course: Guests are Coming to Serve’ seems in retrospect to be saying that if I stay with the process of investigating, and return to a more receptive inner space, the answer becomes clear. And this could be helpful to the guests of my blog to share my lesson. Strong Yes!



*Note: The RTCM is a method of establishing yes/no answers from the Cosmos using three coins. I learned the RTCM from Carol Anthony, author of The Guide to the I Ching.