Not So Invisible

March 19, 2013

Not So Invisible

A few months ago I noticed an energetic border collie running through the yards in my neighborhood. I saw she was not with her person, and on several occasions tried to corral her in our yard to read her tags and contain her until the owners were reached. I had no luck. She came within inches of me but raced away as soon as I’d reach for her. It turns out she lives three doors down, belongs to folks who just rented the house. I just got a puppy myself so I am alert to the dog scene in our neighborhood now.

Last month while walking Pucci, our little Tibetan terrier, I saw these same neighbors had installed an invisible fence. I was surprised to see it, as I know what these can do to dogs. I hadn’t seen much of Libby (her name changed for the sake of privacy) except sometimes she’d be lying on the front porch by the door. No more running and greeting people.

Today I walked by with Pucci and saw her hovering on the porch, looking at us with what seemed great indecision. I called over to her and walked toward her on their sidewalk. She seemed terrified and yet curious. I asked Pucci to sit, and gave him a little treat. Libby was clearly noticing the treat. So I tossed a couple to her and she cautiously grabbed them and scurried away to chew them. Then she came up to me and Pucci and gingerly said hello. Very gingerly.

We visited for a few moments, and then I took Pucci home. I was deeply affected by the complete change in her personality and feel certain it was probably from the shocks she inevitably received in the “training” with the electric “invisible” fence. I pulled out my newest bottle of Dr. Bach’s Rescue Remedy, and six little dog treats, and put one to two drops on each. Then I put a few drops in my palms and rubbed them together.

I went back to Libby and spoke gently to her, and again,she very cautiously came to me. I sat down beside her and offered her the treats one at a time which she took immediately. I then gently stroked her with the palms of my hands from head to tail, asking her Helpers to clear out any trauma from the shock she has endured (or whatever had so altered her lively curious personality recently.) I did this for several minutes and she laid down beside me, taking in each stroke like a thirsty animal. I apologized to her for the pain she may have suffered under the hands of humans, explained they didn’t know what they were doing and had not meant to hurt her. No one would ever mean to hurt her beautiful Self and soul. She listened to each word very attentively.

At one point she leaped up and looked at me with great enthusiasm and began to jump all over me. Then she started running around her yard with great speed and energy. I happily played with her for a while, , and then thanked her for letting me be with her. She continued to run and romp as I walked back to my house.

What a relief I felt to see her revived so quickly! I did caution her to stay within the bounds of her yard so as not to be injured again, and she listened. Libby seems to have mapped out a safe route in her yard, as she did remain safely inside the perimeter of the yard as she continued to run, leap and frolic.

The difference was truly remarkable. In a matter of a few minutes, with the flower essences in Rescue Remedy (for shock, fear, disconnect from the body, trauma), sincere communication acknowledging the pain she’d endured and apologizing, gentle T- Touch like strokes, and calling in her Helpers to heal her, she transformed before my very eyes. Thankfully she was restored to the lively, vivacious, and loving dog I had witnessed multiple times before the electric/invisible fence was installed.

When I got home, I thought quite a bit about this sad condition some animals are subjected to. I pray that more people will recognize that their dogs have feelings, have consciousness, and awareness. In other words, that they, like us are sentient living beings that deserve to be treated with care and respect, and deserve a life free of as much pain and suffering as possible. I hope fewer people will choose to use electric shock/pain as a method to control or contain the animals in their care.


Flower essences can help a dog recover and heal from the effects of invisible fences and shock collars. Here are some essences to consider if you know a dog that has been subjected to these fences:

1. Bach’s Rescue Remedy, Mimulus, and Star of Bethlehem (for fear, shock, trauma)

2. Greenhope Farm’s Golden Armor, which protects the animals from discordant sound vibrations and electro magnetic dissonance from the modern world

3. Spirit in Nature’s Cherry Essence, for restoring good will

4. Greenhope Farm’s Flow Free to reset electrical imbalance

5. Perlandra’s Cauliflower- PTSD conditions

6. Bach’s White Chestnut for soothing the nervous system

Some homeopathic remedies which could also be helpful are hypericum, aconite and arnica. Check with your homeopath for potencies, or muscle test if you are skilled with this method of accessing information.