Flower Essences: What’s Going on With these Vibrational Medicines?

Well, there is the beginning, the middle and the end, which ends up being an awful lot like the beginning.

In the beginning we are whole, and we don’t know anything but a seamless connection to the Cosmos, or Source, or God, however you may describe that dimension. It was so seamless we didn’t know there was anything else. Then we each had our individual experiences of separation from Source, and we began tell a story to ourselves (that we may have heard in the family, school, culture) to explain the disharmony. We start to think our discomfort is due to the grade we got in geography, or the parking ticket we found on the car, or the illness we experience, or some external cause.

In fact it’s more like we lost our felt connection to Source and we try to tell a story about the feelings. More often than not, we are caught up, and in our limited view we begin naming things incorrectly. This then starts up a whole host of beliefs and ideas which may not be true. This is the middle- where we are just caught up in the friction of our Selves, our points of view, conflicts, pain. And it can be excruciating on more than one level.

Flower essences, sometimes like good music, enter our bodies and can communicate with us in a soothing, restorative way. They calm and settle our inner electrical fields. Where there was once static there is now peace. Gradually, as the stillness deepens in time our psyche begins to perceive and feel, or even remember the sense of wholeness that we once knew. Flower essences, unlike most other medicines, affect our consciousness, by expanding our awareness of our selves, our roles, our choices and our stories.

We begin to see that what we took for granted as being fixed, is actually more permeable. This story of reality is actually “our story” and reflects only a small slice of reality. The essences provide insight into the causes of one’s suffering, or the components sustaining the suffering, as well as provide new awareness of how being different would feel or how you could be different. Not so much what color shirt to wear today, but deeper revelations of your motivations, behaviors and associations.

Gradually, sometimes by using a single flower essence formula over a period of time, or by working with single essences one by one, you begin to have not only greater clarity about your own ”story” but you also begin to have felt experiences of being free of the stories and living from a more fully inhabited, un-separated sense of yourself and the cosmos.

This is the end goal if we can even use this word, as the end is on some level the return to the beginning before we got ourselves all tied up in knots. Molly Sheehan, who produces some of the flower essences I work with here at the Cosmic Way says it well:

“It is necessary to strut our stuff upon the stage until we grow weary of its limitations and look for more…We are more interested in backstage than on-stage reality…How do we wake up from this tired dream? Not only does our awakened God-self come out to greet us at this point, but also we learn that the stage is set with illusion-busting equipment. These tools have been waiting for us to be ready for them, right in plain view. Flowers and their flower essences are incredible tools for illusion busting. Each essence offers an alternative to a specific illusion of separation.” (A Guide to Greenhope Farm Flower Essences, p. 9)

In addition to the gift of consciousness that flowers offer us, they also offer help in physically and energetically adjusting to and aligning with the rapid rate of transformation and change in our society. We are all having to learn a lot and adjust to new technologies, new languages, new routes and systems. Many of us need help adjusting and getting acclimated to the new rates and vibrations. The essences, in addition to other modalities like reiki, body energy work, acupuncture, homeopathy, etc- all help to facilitate functioning smoothly in this busy techno-directed society. I wouldn’t say they help you race around faster, but they help you sort out clearly what and how you want to use your energy, and what feels appropriate. They can also offer protection from the physical and neurological impacts of computers, cell phones. etc. This is our generations version of the assembly line in some ways.

So in addition to supporting us in consciousness they are supporting our bodies and psyches which contribute to a healthier immune system, less emotional and psychological stress, and more experiences of wholeness within ourselves, and within our families and communities.

As I sit here at my little cafe table in our kitchen, I am looking at 5 beautiful sunflowers in a vase next to my laptop. So I thought I’d share the properties of support they bring:

“Sunflower knows that each of us is a manifestation of divinity in physical form. It helps us to be a chalice of light with our personalities the servant of our divinity, our male energy in balance with our female energy and all systems go for being divinity in balanced action”

(A Guide to Greenhope Farm Flower Essences p. 185)