Creating Community with the I Ching

Creating Community with the I Ching

A Class with Kyra Walsh

I am starting an on-going I Ching class. One purpose of the class is to provide a structured hands on approach to asking the I Ching for guidance. With this we will also learn how to interpret the answers we get from the I Ching. In addition I will introduce people to the many Helpers of the I Ching.

The other purpose is to come together as a community to support each other in our exploration of working with inner intuitive guidance. I have used the I Ching in a variety of contexts: family, business, health, relationships, pets, etc. for over 15 years. It has helped me profoundly.

All levels of experience are invited, and we will discuss I Ching texts at the first meeting on March 23. To register or for more information, email or call Kyra

at or 202-288-7566.

First meeting: Wednesday, March 23, 2016.

The class meets every Wednesday, from 12-1:30 pm in Bethesda.

Cost: $22.50 per meeting. (55 years and older, the fee is $15.00).

First Wednesdays of the month are free.

Space is limited to 8 people.

OurBodies, OurSelves: Healing with the I Ching

Saturday  March 19, 2016  2-4 pm

Wisewomen’s Discussion Group:

Our  Bodies, Our Selves: Healing with the I Ching with Kyra Walsh

The voice of wisdom that comes through the I Ching can be a powerful tool for healing, both directly and indirectly.  In this workshop we will learn to inquire about and interpret the healing messages from the I Ching regarding your health questions.  This approach has been successful, healing a wide range of conditions such as hypertension, nail fungus, depression, back pain, etc.  (This approach does not preclude regular medical attention when necessary.)

Please bring a health condition you have questions about and your favorite I Ching book.   Extra I Ching texts will be available for those who do not have one.  Also, bring a notebook to record information you receive during the session.

Kyra Walsh completed professional training “Healing with the I Ching” in 2003 with the I Ching Institute in Stow, MA.  Since then she has worked with others to heal themselves and their animals with the guidance of the I Ching. In addition, Ms. Walsh founded Walsh Homeopathics, a holistic pharmacy in Evanston, IL, and is a Bach Flower Practitioner (BFRP) registered with the Bach Centre in England.  She also holds a degree in Philosophy from University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Jung Society of Washington

5200 Cathedral Ave

WashingtonDC 20016

Creating Community With the I Ching

Creating Community with the I Ching’

A class with Kyra Walsh

I am starting an on-going I Ching class. One purpose of the class is to provide a structured hands on approach to asking the I Ching for guidance. With this we will also learn how to interpret the answers we get from the I Ching. In addition I will introduce people to the many Helpers of the I Ching.

The other purpose is to come together as a community to support each other in our exploration of working with inner intuitive guidance. I have used the I Ching in a variety of contexts: family, business, health, relationships, pets, etc. for over 15 years. It has helped me profoundly.

All levels of experience are invited, and we will discuss I Ching texts at the first

meeting on March 23,. To register or for more information, email or call Kyra

at or 202-288-7566.

First meeting: Wednesday, March 23, 2016.

The class meets every Wednesday, from 12-1:30 pm in Bethesda.

Cost: $22.50 per meeting. (55 years and older, the fee is $15.00).

First Wednesdays of the month are free.

Space is limited to 8 people.

Kyra’s Workshops & Classes


I wanted to let you know that I am offering the following classes and workshops :


Saturday October 25, 2014

Women’s Discussion Group
Discussion on Flower Essences, Kyra Walsh
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm, Jung Society Library, Washington, DC

Fees: $5.00, at the door

Discussion topic isTransforming the Second Half of Life: Introduction to Flower Essences and Guidance from the I Ching for women in their 50s and Beyond.

Please use the Hawthorne Place entrance and feel free to bring a friend.

Kyra Walsh is a flower essence & I Ching practitioner supporting people in transition and inner transformation work. She prepares individual essence blends addressing a wide range of health, behavioral, emotional, and relational issues for people and animals. Her company, The Cosmic Way: Healing~Learning~Co-creating also offers workshops and apprenticeships.


Saturday Feb 16: Introduction to Flower Essences and how to select the best essences 

Saturday March 16: Flower Essences for Mood Disorders: Depression and Anxiety in people and animals 

Saturday, April 6: Gardening with Flower Essences, Devas, and Nature Spirits 

Saturday, May 18: Flower Essences for Children and Adolescence: Self-esteem, Self-confidence, Learning/Attention issues, and Healthy Boundaries. 

Join us for any one class (Fee: $45) or sign up for the series (4 Classes just $175). All classes are 10:00 am – 12:30 pm. These flower essence classes take place at:

IFMC Integrated Family Medicine Center

116-Q Edward Ferry Road NE

Leesburg, Va. 20176.

Please call 703-669-6118 to register with Tammie or George or email

Workshops 2013:

I am presenting a workshop:

Saturday April 20, 2013  “Flower Essences for Difficult Astrological Aspects and Transits”   from 2-4 pm at the Jungian Society of Washington.

The location is the Jung Society of Washington at 5200 Cathedral Ave NW, Washington DC

The fee is $5.00 at the door.


In Baltimore, I will be co-presenting with my husband John:

May 5, 2013*  “Correspondence and Synchronicity: How the Cosmos Reveals Itself” An exploration of methods to receive and interpret cosmic insights and guidance, with respect for the unconscious, and our visible and invisible Helpers. Approaches include the I Ching, the Retrospective Three Coin Method (RTCM), dreams, and spontaneously arising inner imagery, with experiential demonstrations. You may email us with a question or issue to be addressed at the workshop at:

Kyra Walsh, B.A. in philopsophy, and student of Jungian thought for 30 years. Founder of The Cosmic Way: Learning-Healing-Co-creating. She’s worked with the I Ching and flower essences since 1985 as a consultant primarily to people in mid-life transitions and with health issues.

John Kilbourne, M.D., Researcher in language and meaning analysis at the National Library of Medicine, with a life long interest in making sense of things, particularly inner states, outer reality, and Self, and their coherence and alignment.


Free parking is available in the lot on East 20th Street across from the Church to the north.

Program time is 2-5 p.m. All are welcome. A donation of $5.00 is requested at the door to defray program expenses.

* CEU designated programs. To receive CEU Certificate of Attendance sign in on arrival, fill out a short evaluation after the program, and submit a $10 check, payable to Vivien Dietz, for provision of your certificate.

If you have any questions about the classes or workshops, please email me at


Communicating with an Oracle

I thought today I would ask the Sage what theme I should write about. I first checked (with the rtcm*) if an I Ching hexagram would be appropriate to give me a sense of the topic, and I got a no. Then I checked a new oracle deck (The Oracle of Rama) I’d purchased just last weekend at Barnes and Noble in Bethesda, and got a definite Yes! I’d not used this particular deck, and each deck has its own logic to the process of asking questions and receiving guidance. After making a few incorrect assumptions about the logic, I read the instructions and followed the process.

The content I received was not immediately understandable to me. My question was “what would be a good topic to write about today?” I received the ‘Exile’ card, about fortune hidden within misfortune and then “Calm within the Storm’ – Stay the course, guests are coming to serve.”

I was confused. This lack of clarity pointed to the fact my attention was not stabilized in a receptive state. This is true- I was asking for help in selecting a blog theme for today and my attention at some point split. I “reacted” to the words exile and misfortune. The discomfort was like an anxiety. Anxiety, being fear based can block or distort cosmic communication.

The purity of my asking for help got rattled.

Upon recognizing this, it occurred to me to ask the Sage if the theme I was being shown was that an uncluttered, receptive mind is essential to communications of this kind, and that this inner aspect of relating with an oracle remains unchanged, or as we say, is standard operating procedure?

The outer elements of contacting cosmic wisdom are variable- throwing coins to establish a hexagram, pulling rune stones, casting a chart, or drawing of the many oracle cards used in divination (tarot, animal cards, flower decks, etc). Each of these have their own inner logic which is to be honored and practiced with respect and patience. What remains the same is the inner tone we bring to the inquiry, and how stabilized we are within that inner space throughout the process.

When I asked the Sage was this the communication I was to write about- the quality of inner attention regarding oracle work- I got another strong Yes!

In reviewing the reading I received, I can see that despite my own lack of clarity, eventually an understanding emerged. Fortune within misfortune- learning about my confused/agitated inner state and how that muffled the clarity of the communication from the cosmos. The second card: ‘Stay the Course: Guests are Coming to Serve’ seems in retrospect to be saying that if I stay with the process of investigating, and return to a more receptive inner space, the answer becomes clear. And this could be helpful to the guests of my blog to share my lesson. Strong Yes!



*Note: The RTCM is a method of establishing yes/no answers from the Cosmos using three coins. I learned the RTCM from Carol Anthony, author of The Guide to the I Ching.

Not So Invisible

March 19, 2013

Not So Invisible

A few months ago I noticed an energetic border collie running through the yards in my neighborhood. I saw she was not with her person, and on several occasions tried to corral her in our yard to read her tags and contain her until the owners were reached. I had no luck. She came within inches of me but raced away as soon as I’d reach for her. It turns out she lives three doors down, belongs to folks who just rented the house. I just got a puppy myself so I am alert to the dog scene in our neighborhood now.

Last month while walking Pucci, our little Tibetan terrier, I saw these same neighbors had installed an invisible fence. I was surprised to see it, as I know what these can do to dogs. I hadn’t seen much of Libby (her name changed for the sake of privacy) except sometimes she’d be lying on the front porch by the door. No more running and greeting people.

Today I walked by with Pucci and saw her hovering on the porch, looking at us with what seemed great indecision. I called over to her and walked toward her on their sidewalk. She seemed terrified and yet curious. I asked Pucci to sit, and gave him a little treat. Libby was clearly noticing the treat. So I tossed a couple to her and she cautiously grabbed them and scurried away to chew them. Then she came up to me and Pucci and gingerly said hello. Very gingerly.

We visited for a few moments, and then I took Pucci home. I was deeply affected by the complete change in her personality and feel certain it was probably from the shocks she inevitably received in the “training” with the electric “invisible” fence. I pulled out my newest bottle of Dr. Bach’s Rescue Remedy, and six little dog treats, and put one to two drops on each. Then I put a few drops in my palms and rubbed them together.

I went back to Libby and spoke gently to her, and again,she very cautiously came to me. I sat down beside her and offered her the treats one at a time which she took immediately. I then gently stroked her with the palms of my hands from head to tail, asking her Helpers to clear out any trauma from the shock she has endured (or whatever had so altered her lively curious personality recently.) I did this for several minutes and she laid down beside me, taking in each stroke like a thirsty animal. I apologized to her for the pain she may have suffered under the hands of humans, explained they didn’t know what they were doing and had not meant to hurt her. No one would ever mean to hurt her beautiful Self and soul. She listened to each word very attentively.

At one point she leaped up and looked at me with great enthusiasm and began to jump all over me. Then she started running around her yard with great speed and energy. I happily played with her for a while, , and then thanked her for letting me be with her. She continued to run and romp as I walked back to my house.

What a relief I felt to see her revived so quickly! I did caution her to stay within the bounds of her yard so as not to be injured again, and she listened. Libby seems to have mapped out a safe route in her yard, as she did remain safely inside the perimeter of the yard as she continued to run, leap and frolic.

The difference was truly remarkable. In a matter of a few minutes, with the flower essences in Rescue Remedy (for shock, fear, disconnect from the body, trauma), sincere communication acknowledging the pain she’d endured and apologizing, gentle T- Touch like strokes, and calling in her Helpers to heal her, she transformed before my very eyes. Thankfully she was restored to the lively, vivacious, and loving dog I had witnessed multiple times before the electric/invisible fence was installed.

When I got home, I thought quite a bit about this sad condition some animals are subjected to. I pray that more people will recognize that their dogs have feelings, have consciousness, and awareness. In other words, that they, like us are sentient living beings that deserve to be treated with care and respect, and deserve a life free of as much pain and suffering as possible. I hope fewer people will choose to use electric shock/pain as a method to control or contain the animals in their care.


Flower essences can help a dog recover and heal from the effects of invisible fences and shock collars. Here are some essences to consider if you know a dog that has been subjected to these fences:

1. Bach’s Rescue Remedy, Mimulus, and Star of Bethlehem (for fear, shock, trauma)

2. Greenhope Farm’s Golden Armor, which protects the animals from discordant sound vibrations and electro magnetic dissonance from the modern world

3. Spirit in Nature’s Cherry Essence, for restoring good will

4. Greenhope Farm’s Flow Free to reset electrical imbalance

5. Perlandra’s Cauliflower- PTSD conditions

6. Bach’s White Chestnut for soothing the nervous system

Some homeopathic remedies which could also be helpful are hypericum, aconite and arnica. Check with your homeopath for potencies, or muscle test if you are skilled with this method of accessing information.






Flower Essences: What’s Going on With these Vibrational Medicines?

Well, there is the beginning, the middle and the end, which ends up being an awful lot like the beginning.

In the beginning we are whole, and we don’t know anything but a seamless connection to the Cosmos, or Source, or God, however you may describe that dimension. It was so seamless we didn’t know there was anything else. Then we each had our individual experiences of separation from Source, and we began tell a story to ourselves (that we may have heard in the family, school, culture) to explain the disharmony. We start to think our discomfort is due to the grade we got in geography, or the parking ticket we found on the car, or the illness we experience, or some external cause.

In fact it’s more like we lost our felt connection to Source and we try to tell a story about the feelings. More often than not, we are caught up, and in our limited view we begin naming things incorrectly. This then starts up a whole host of beliefs and ideas which may not be true. This is the middle- where we are just caught up in the friction of our Selves, our points of view, conflicts, pain. And it can be excruciating on more than one level.

Flower essences, sometimes like good music, enter our bodies and can communicate with us in a soothing, restorative way. They calm and settle our inner electrical fields. Where there was once static there is now peace. Gradually, as the stillness deepens in time our psyche begins to perceive and feel, or even remember the sense of wholeness that we once knew. Flower essences, unlike most other medicines, affect our consciousness, by expanding our awareness of our selves, our roles, our choices and our stories.

We begin to see that what we took for granted as being fixed, is actually more permeable. This story of reality is actually “our story” and reflects only a small slice of reality. The essences provide insight into the causes of one’s suffering, or the components sustaining the suffering, as well as provide new awareness of how being different would feel or how you could be different. Not so much what color shirt to wear today, but deeper revelations of your motivations, behaviors and associations.

Gradually, sometimes by using a single flower essence formula over a period of time, or by working with single essences one by one, you begin to have not only greater clarity about your own ”story” but you also begin to have felt experiences of being free of the stories and living from a more fully inhabited, un-separated sense of yourself and the cosmos.

This is the end goal if we can even use this word, as the end is on some level the return to the beginning before we got ourselves all tied up in knots. Molly Sheehan, who produces some of the flower essences I work with here at the Cosmic Way says it well:

“It is necessary to strut our stuff upon the stage until we grow weary of its limitations and look for more…We are more interested in backstage than on-stage reality…How do we wake up from this tired dream? Not only does our awakened God-self come out to greet us at this point, but also we learn that the stage is set with illusion-busting equipment. These tools have been waiting for us to be ready for them, right in plain view. Flowers and their flower essences are incredible tools for illusion busting. Each essence offers an alternative to a specific illusion of separation.” (A Guide to Greenhope Farm Flower Essences, p. 9)

In addition to the gift of consciousness that flowers offer us, they also offer help in physically and energetically adjusting to and aligning with the rapid rate of transformation and change in our society. We are all having to learn a lot and adjust to new technologies, new languages, new routes and systems. Many of us need help adjusting and getting acclimated to the new rates and vibrations. The essences, in addition to other modalities like reiki, body energy work, acupuncture, homeopathy, etc- all help to facilitate functioning smoothly in this busy techno-directed society. I wouldn’t say they help you race around faster, but they help you sort out clearly what and how you want to use your energy, and what feels appropriate. They can also offer protection from the physical and neurological impacts of computers, cell phones. etc. This is our generations version of the assembly line in some ways.

So in addition to supporting us in consciousness they are supporting our bodies and psyches which contribute to a healthier immune system, less emotional and psychological stress, and more experiences of wholeness within ourselves, and within our families and communities.

As I sit here at my little cafe table in our kitchen, I am looking at 5 beautiful sunflowers in a vase next to my laptop. So I thought I’d share the properties of support they bring:

“Sunflower knows that each of us is a manifestation of divinity in physical form. It helps us to be a chalice of light with our personalities the servant of our divinity, our male energy in balance with our female energy and all systems go for being divinity in balanced action”

(A Guide to Greenhope Farm Flower Essences p. 185)




Attunement: the consequences of substitution

I thought I’d begin this blog with a discussion about attunement. An experience this week demonstrated to me, yet again, how important it is both to attune to Self , and to what is happening in relationship to Self from moment to moment.

Attunement is a kind of awareness and attentiveness, a receptive way of being in which we are capable of being continuously aware of our inner state and body based consciousness, while simultaneously paying attention to what is arising in the environment around us. And from this state a seamless sense of right action arises and we move into what wants to happen next.

It is a placement of attention and body awareness that allows for a following/doing that fits harmoniously with what is felt inside and that is being called forth.

If one aspect of the awareness toward Self or toward “other” or the outer environment is distorted, thwarted, diluted or otherwise obstructed, we can among other things, wind up feeling frustrated, depleted or out of sync.

So my experience was this:

While sitting on my back porch drinking mango ceylon iced tea, I was talking with a friend about organizational methods and systems for achieving goals. He comment was that it appeared that one reason people failed to achieve important goals was not that they could not set up appropriate priorities towards the goal, but that they chose to do the priorities that they liked to do, and did not always do the items/tasks they did not want to do.

This rang a bell for me in terms of my own habits.  I decided that  the following day I would outline my priorities and commit to do what was ‘required’ regardless of what I felt like doing at that moment. The result was what I would call a crappy day. Even with the added push, my goals  to complete certain priorities, like editing my blog and website content, were not fulfilled. I was exhausted and depleted by dinnertime.

At this point I took a few drops of Elm flower essence, a Bach Flower for the temporary feeling of being overwhelmed and exhausted by responsibilities. Within a few minutes my state shifted and I felt reconnected to that part of me that uses attunement for my source of direction and movement forward. With it came a feeling of relief and gratitude!

Looking back, I saw that I was forcing myself into a structure that while it was of my own choosing, was not in attunement to my Self at that momentor to the needs of the environment (time and place) I found myself in. And the friction had been palpable early on and only increased as the day had progressed.

I realized my whole rhythm had been compromised and my capacity for a body sensing attunement was seriously challenged. And attunement is a core skill I employ in my work with clients, as well as for my own wellbeing and balance.

By the time I finally went to sleep, I realized that what I had done was traded my more attuned way of approaching my day within a loose context of projects needing to be done for a more rational and “organized” approach to things. The problem is this approach left my feeling consciousness and inner sense of what to do when, or what not to do, out of the picture.

It almost felt like my cellular consciousness instantly began to react and respond to being overlooked or sidetracked or displaced. It was a very interesting experiment. The next day I returned to my more standard operating method and while my day unfolded in a way I could not have predicted, by the end of the day somehow I had completed the projects and felt peaceful, content and aligned.

I followed this with a quick check-in with the I Ching, asking what was important for me to know today, and received Hex 35, Line 1 in Julie Henderson’s The Somatic I Ching/ Yi Jing: Revealing Story, Training Mind which reads:

You begin to progress and find yourself obstructed. Progress in this moment is to support your inner stability and wellbeing. By remaining free of reaction to these obstacles, you will be able to make the right moves when they dissolve, which they will.”

So, it’s been an interesting few days, with an old lesson re-learned. Next time I encounter an idea that has me questioning hard won truths about myself, I think I’ll just get up and refill our ice tea glasses.